02 March 2010

this is prague

I've dreamed of going to Prague for ages. I have a vivid memory (who knows if it's real or not) of being pretty little, maybe seven or eight?, and looking through my big sister Annie's black-n-white photographs of Prague architecture (Anne, feel free to declare whether or not this memory can possibly be true, and if it is, how long ago would it have been anyway??). Partly because I thought my big sister was freaking cool, and partly because the photos were insanely beautiful, I decided right then and there that someday I would go to Prague. And take black and white photos of the buildings. And so I did.

The end.

(Or the beginning?)

But there are a few things in Prague that just can't be captured in black-and-white:

And my very favorite:

"Lift up your heads, O you gates;
be lifted up, you ancient doors,
that the King of glory may come in." Psalm 24:7

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  1. very true indeed sister dear! it would have been about 14 years ago...amazed you remember those pics i took! i must say that viewing all of your adventures brings back so many memories...so much has changed in europe yet so much has stayed the same and i LOVE that you get to tread where i once did! excited to sit and look at all of your pictures next time we are together! love you and praying you continue to soak in each and every moment!