31 March 2010


A carefree adventure to Amsterdam and Berlin with my favorite flatmate, Melody... is there a better way to spend a long weekend?

Well... I can think of a few, but they all involve flying back to the States. (:

So for now, it's off to Anne Frank and Corrie ten Boom's houses, tulip gardens, canals, windmills, pancakes, and of course, coffeehouses! Be back Tuesday...


  1. I'm jealous....
    -of the citites you're visting and living in!
    -of the people who are able to experience your beauty daily
    -of the wonderful stories you are gaining while in EUROPE!

    I miss you so many moons and am praying for you lovely!!:)
    ~katelyn ann

  2. Dr. Staal always makes the point that Dutch "coffeehouses" are where the tourists go to use marijuana legally. I'm not sure how he works such gems into his lectures.

    Hope it was awesome.