18 November 2011

the first half

My first half marathon was August 6th. It started at the Tacoma Narrows Airport and ended in downtown Tacoma. The most important lesson I learned from it was that the running wasn't the hard part. Mile 12 felt just like mile 4. The hard part was keeping myself entertained for two hours. I got so bored around mile 6. Since then I've started listening to sermons from Redeemer when I go for my long training runs, and I may start loading movies onto my ipod to listen to while I run even longer distances; something with a overarching plot/thought structure keeps me more interested than a long series of songs.

I'm registered for my first marathon in February and my second in June, but my recent surgery may wreak havoc with those dreams. I'm under strict instructions from the doctor not to drive or exercise for six months. Lame. I'm going to argue for the June one at least when I go back for my next checkup in January.

Before the half:

There were a lot of cool little planes sitting around everywhere:

People getting their heads in the game pre-race in the hanger:

I'm gonna fly one of these someday! Not even joking.

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