13 July 2011

little eugene is very sick

My poor little computer (affectionately known as Eugene, in honor of the endearingly awkward ginger from Adventures in Odyssey... anyone? anyone?) is sick and has to go to the computer hospital where he will be treated by friendly nurses from the Geek Squad.

Until his illness is diagnosed, I will have only library internet. The blog posts will likely be short and sweet, but I do intend to keep them coming, so check back soon.

Heartfelt get-well cards for Eugene can be addressed in care of me, and I'll see that he gets them. Balloons and boxes of chocolates are also welcome.


  1. oh sweet Eugene
    it seems so darm mean
    that you find yourself ill.

    faithful and true
    are descriptive of you
    perhaps they'll prescribe you a pill!

    I'm sure your mother
    will worry like no other
    till you illness is nil.

    so until you feel better
    please enjoy my sweet letter
    and fron there it's all downhill


  2. hahahahahahahahaha!!! i love it!!!
    you're da bomb, aunt rachel.

  3. I'm sure nobody else will write their sick computer nephew a get well poem. :)

  4. oh eugene...to be sick is mean...hope it is short...in the meantime be a good sport...

    love, auntie anne:)

  5. and now it's the time
    for the battle of rhyme
    lickety split
    it's wit against wit
    :) love auntie rachel :)