14 June 2010

you bring me joi

Three cheers for Melody, the awesomest housemate EVER who is celebrating her 21st today!!!

She has been my travel buddy and my all-night essay crisis companion. She has forgiven my dirty dishes, encouraged me in Christ, and probably added three years to my life through laughter. We share a morbid fascination with all things Gaga, Bieber, and Twilight, as well as a permanent craving for Mexican food. She inspires me to run farther, write more, and laugh harder. I seriously could not have asked for a better housemate and one of the greatest blessings of Oxford has been the gain of her friendship.

I love you, babe. Thanks for being epically brilliant!!


  1. mmm....the joy of true friendship....don't ever take it for granted....it is one of Christ's greatest blessings!