26 May 2010

summer viiis day one = victory

We bumped in our boat race today!!!

Basically, boat racing at Oxford is bumps racing, which means that the boats start off a length and a half apart from each other and the goal is to achieve a "bump" by getting any part of your boat to hit the boat in front of you. (Dangerous, I know...) We bumped the Keble College boat in front of us very quickly, only a minute or two into the race, which was awesome!

Our men's team did well too. While they didn't get a bump, they didn't get bumped either, which is an achievement in itself.

Three more days of racing left to go...


  1. Yea! That's exciting! Bump lots more boats. (and yell something fun while you do it!) Love you!

  2. Woot! Happy to hear it babe. We'll be there Saturday, your own little personal cheering squad. :)

  3. so its that sort of like bumper cars? :) sounds like a blast...i love all of your adventures!!!!